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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New and Exciting Things Coming in 2013

We are still here!  Were you starting to wonder??  Aacckk!  How has it been so long since I blogged??!!  So sad!  We are just coming out of our Christmas vacation.  We did lots of fun things while we were all on break.  The holidays were wonderful!  Lots of time with family!  Gotta love that!  Jadon was really excited to see Santa this year!  It was adorable!
After the holiday craziness was over we spent several fun days on road trips...  On Wednesday, Dec. 26th we hit the road to visit Long Lane Honey Bee Farm just past Champaign.  Turned out that they were not in the office that day which was a bummer because we had a lot of questions for them but we did make the best of the trip by stopping at a few antique shops we had seen on the drive over.  Woohoo!  I love to hunt for Pyrex!  I found a couple good ones too!  
On Thursday the hubby turned 40!  He got to pick what he wanted to do that day.  He chose the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago followed up with dinner at the Weber Grill Restaurant in downtown Chicago.  Yum!
And just because two days in the car was just not quite enough we decided to drive almost all the way over to  Iowa to another place that sells beehives and beekeeping equipment hoping to talk to someone and get some help deciding what equipment to buy so we can start a new exciting chapter of our lives!  We were in luck this day because we found a wonderful gentleman that helped us pick out all the stuff we needed and gave us a lot of good tips about beekeeping also.  We were pretty excited to bring home those boxed and build our new beehives!

They are all built now and as of yesterday are painted!  All ready to go!  We can't wait to get our bees in the spring and start this adventure!  Mmmm..I can taste the honey now!!  
For the second year in a row I was busy making a lot of my Christmas gifts!  The difference this year is that I also sold a few signs to other people who wanted to give them as gifts also.  It was pretty fun and now I want to continue to sell the things I love to make.  Here are a few of the things I made recently.

Keep your eyes open for these items for sale on this blog VERY soon!! 
Happy New Year Everyone!