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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sickness and Finger Painting

Sorry I have not posted in awhile.  Got sidetracked scrapbooking!  LOL!  Then this weekend we all got sick.  Some sort of cold virus.  Matt, Jadon, and I were home alone on Saturday miserable.  Jacob was camping at Starved Rock with his Boy Scout Troop and Shelby was at a track meet in the Galesburg area.   I don't know if you have ever been very, very sick and had to also take care of a very sick toddler, but I can tell you it is not fun at all.   Let's just say there were a few arguments between the two sick adults in the house as to whose turn it was to deal with the miserable toddler.  By Sunday, Matt and I were very much improved.  Jadon on the other hand was not.  He continued to run a fever, not eat, and have a lot of drainage, and a nasty cough.  I took Monday off because he was still sick hoping he would improve.  However, Monday night his temperature got up to 103.3!  That meant I also took today off and we went to see the pediatrician.  Guess what?  Poor Jadon has a double ear infection.  No wonder he has been such a grump!!  Tomorrow all our friends come back to play.  We are looking forward to it. 

Last week Jadon fingerpainted for the first time.   I would not say he was exactly thrilled about it.  He was not sure what to think about the texture or exactly what I expected him to do with it.  He tried to eat it a few times and I told him no.  The other kids were finger painting and he watched them.  Maybe next time he will be more into it. 

Here are some pictures:

Oh, cool!  I get to do what the big boys are doing!

Hmmm....this is interesting stuff.

Uh, oh!  It's on my hand Mom!

This is after he tried to eat it and got it on his face.

Okay, I am done with this!

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