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Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Diesel

I would like to introduce everyone to the newest member of our family.  His name is Diesel. He is a Blue Heeler (Austalian Cattle Dog) and his is three years old.  Diesel came to live with us a little over three weeks ago. 

He is such a good boy. He is sweet, loves kids, and as is typical of Cattle Dogs, full of energy.  Diesel seems to be adjusting well to life at our house.  He was an outside dog before he came to us. He still spends most of the day outside but we let him and Dakota in from time to time throughout the day.  He sleeps with Jacob in his room.  It also did not take him long to figure out how comfy a couch can be. I don't think Dakota cares for Diesel taking his place on the cough though. 

Dakota is much more active now that he has a friend around to play with.  We are hoping that helps Dakota with his weight "issue".  Most of the time the dogs get along pretty well. They have gotten jealous of each other a few times and got into a tif but we break it up. Diesel seems to also not like for Dakota to play on his rope. We have no idea why but as soon as Dakota goes for the rope Diesel runs over and starts biting at his legs. Diesel also likes to try to herd Dakota by nipping at his legs. Both behaviors we are trying to teach him are not acceptable.  He is a pretty smart dog so I know he will figure everything out quickly.

He is a very pretty boy and he loves to cuddle! 

Both dogs walking over to see what the kids are up to.


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