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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top 20 Things I love about Summer

Not a whole lot going on this week. Jake and Shelby both have their first games this week. I have been working the dirt in my garden getting ready to plant some new plants. It does not seem like school should be out yet. The weather is really throwing me off. I can't believe the kids are done with school as of Monday. I thought I would share my Top 20 things I love about summer.
Hope you are having a great week!

Kiana's Top 20 Favorite Things about Summer:

1. Sun, Beautiful Sun
2. Having my kids to myself for three months.
3. Baseball/Softball (Go, Cubs, Go)
4. Vacation (South Dakota here we come!)
5. Floating in a tube down the river.
6. Flip Flops
7. Swimming
8. Boating
9. Fishing
11. Biking
12. Camping
13. The beautiful birds return.
14. Gardening and growing new things.
15. Turtles
16. Frogs.
17. Lightning Bugs.
18. Campfire's and Smore's
19. Fireworks and Festivals
20. Parades

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