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Friday, September 12, 2008

17 weeks and counting!

I just came from the doctor's office and thought I would give everyone an update. We are a little farther along than we thought. We are 17 weeks! Woohoo!! The doctor did a sonogram and everything looks great. It was wonderful to get to see the little tiger! I am so excited!!! Our approx. due date is Feb. 18th. Pray for Matt, he just lost a month of the time he thought he had to finish the basement! I get to go back in a month for another sonogram and we will hopefully find out for sure what we are having. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

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Jen Essington said...

That is so funny about the basement thing...I laughed outloud. Only because with our last child my husband was also racing to finish the basement. In fact, he tried to get me to "wait" and keep the baby in until the carpet guy could come! :) Congrats again to you and your family!