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Thursday, September 4, 2008

"If you want to make God laugh, just tell him your future plans." Woody Allen

The title of this post is Matt's quote of the week and perhaps even the year. We have had quite a surprise this week. As I have been assured by the doctor's office, three urine tests do not lie. We seem to be pregnant! We are still trying to move out of the shocked stage. We just keep looking at each other and saying "Wow"! My husband demanded that I get a blood test to be sure. The doctor's office said "Hey, if you want to get stuck we will order the test". I explained that our children are 13 and 10 and this was not expected. They laughed! We are still waiting for the results and until then I don't think my husband is going to believe it.
I have an appointment next Friday to find out just how far along I am and to make sure everything is going smoothly. I must admit that I am nervous. I just want everything to be okay so I am looking forward to my appointment. Until then I will be holding my breath.
The kids thought we were joking when we told them and then Jake realized we did not have enough rooms. When we explained that we would be finishing the basement and putting a bedroom down there Jake was more concerned with who was getting the new room than with being a big brother. LOL!

I will give everyone an update when we know more!


ArmyGuyWife said...

WOW! I check my MySpace once every couple of months, when I happen to get a comment. I saw you mood and was so excited for you! Congrats! The Lord works in mysterious ways. This is sure to be the blessing you didn't even know you needed. Enjoy every moment. I miss being pregnant, or maybe it's one of those things where absence makes the heart grow fonder. LOL


Micca & Family

Donna Shurtz said...

Well well well!!!!! What kind of contraceptive do you use?? Sue them. Please let me know I want to make sure I tell all my nieces not to use it. Lumber is really high right now to be building on to your home. I say sue them now. Get your money, have the baby build a new room and all will be fine. Good luck, just had to add my smartass comments. Might want to get spayed after this or Matt neutered. Congrat!!!!! May be it will be twins!!!!!! Donna Shurtz