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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Project Complete

Well, the last project I really wanted to get done before the baby came is done. The whole project is not done but the important part is. Several weeks ago I had Matt move a wooden rocking chair into the living room in preparation for the baby to arrive. We had a glider and ottoman in the living room but it not only glided it also turned in circles. This provided to much of a temptation for daycare kids to spin in it and I actually had something get broken. So the glider and ottoman are put away until Jadon's room is done and then they will go to his room.

The project I wanted to complete was a back and bottom cushion for the rocking chair to make it more comfortable to sit in. I could have bought one but I have fabric left over from making my curtains and thought it would be cool to have the cushions match the rest of the decor. I decided to complete the bottom cushion first and then work on the back cushion. I have had the pattern pieces cut out for awhile but have not been motivated to get sewing. My mom found out about a sewing machine sale and wanted to get me a new sewing machine for my birthday (a little early). I have a new Singer sewing machine I needed to figure out so out the project came. Sunday I worked all day on finishing the cushion. Here are some pictures. I am trying to get motivated to work on the back one now, but I have some soft, fluffy, blue baby fabric I bought awhile ago just calling my name. I know, I know. One project at a time.


Angie said...

I'm impressed! You actually got motivated! Send some of that motivation my way, will ya?

Angie said...

How are you doing? Last I heard, baby Jadon was deciding to hang out in his warm, cozy lair a while longer. With the cold temps around here, I can't blame him! What a rude shock, if the doc has cold hands.

Anyway, thinking of you and hoping you are well!