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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goodbye George.

Yesterday was a very sad day for our family. We lost a good pet. George our 7 year old boxer passed away yesterday after being very sick for about a month. He started coughing about a month ago. The vet thought that maybe he had bronchitis and put him on antibiotics. He started to get better and the cough went away. Then he started wheezing. Then last week he started standing around a lot instead of laying down. He also looked like he was losing weight but when we weighed him he was the same. Turns out he had cancer in his lungs causing him to have fluid on his lungs. I called the vet and he had him come in yesterday. When he laid George down on the x-ray table to do the x-ray he went in respiratory distress and then quit breathing. The vet did CPR but could not bring him back. He said that even if we new about the fluid and could have drained it off the cancer would have killed him within the month. George looked like he was loosing weight but it was not showing up on the scale because of all the fluid in his lungs. Poor guy.

We will miss George and his goofy ways. The kids will miss him the most. He slept with both of them off and on. He loved cuddling with the kids. We will miss him sitting like a person and finding him in our bed using our pillows and under the blankets just like a person. Dakota is going to be very lonely without his buddy. We love you George!

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Angie said...

I was so sad to hear about George! He was such a lovable goofball!

Glad you stopped by the other day on your walk! It was wonderful to see you, and finally meet Jadon! I'm looking forward to the day we're all healthy (surely that will happen someday, right?) so I can hold him without being afraid I'll make him sick!