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Saturday, March 21, 2009

How Time Flies!

Jadon was three weeks old on Thursday. I can't believe that much time has passed already! I will be back to watching kids before I know it!

Jadon is already changing. He spends a lot more time alert and awake checking things out. This week we got out the Baby Einstein Activity Gym. It is very colorful and has all sorts of things that hang from it and a star at the top that flashes and plays music. He will hang out under that watching things for about 15 minutes. He likes it! Matt and I are pretty sure we have seen some smiles that are not gas too. I know it is supposed to be too early yet but today Matt was playing peek-a-boo with a blanket and two times in a row he smiled. It was soooo cute! He is also holding his head up pretty well. Sister and brother still love to cuddle with him. Have not gotten either of them to change a diaper yet. I think Jake will do it before Shelby. Jake almost volunteered the other day until he found out it might be poopy. Speaking of diapers....Dakota (aka "The Nanny") has decided he will help with diaper changes. Yesterday I laid Jadon on his changing pad on our bed and Dakota jumped up on the bed, picked up a diaper in his mouth and dropped it by me. It was really funny. He has figured out what happens when Jadon get put there!

We had our second physical therapy session this week. His therapist was very happy with the progress he has made. He not only curls his fingers around your finger but now has a pretty strong grip. He will also move those fingers and the wrist. His therapist also said she felt the muscles in his upper arm contracting when she was working with him. All good news! We have some new exercises to do with him including some tummy time on an exercise ball. When we tried that one today he was so relaxed he fell asleep!

We also had Pediatrician's appointment the next day. Jadon weighed 10 lbs 7 oz! Holy Cow! I don't need to worry that he is not getting enough to eat! LOL!

Coming out of week three we are all settling into our new routine. Jadon is beginning to sleep for longer stretches at a time and at night. That helps me a lot. I feel human during the day now and can actually function enough to cook supper and get things done around the house. Matt and the kids come home at night and chip in where they can. Things just seem normal this week.

Here are a few of the pictures we have taken lately. We also got back the proofs for the pictures we had taken when Jadon was ten days old. Follow this link to view them: http://picasaweb.google.com/anastasiamariephotography/Nafziger#.

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Angie said...

Oh, Kiana, those pictures are amazing! Wow, does he ever look like his daddy! I love all the little hands and toes. . .they change so quickly, it is good to record how tiny they actually were at the start!