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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter!

It was a very busy Easter weekend at our house this year. Jacob's birthday fell on Easter weekend just like the year he was born. So we had a party for him then went out for his birthday dinner and somehow found some time to dye Easter eggs. Oh and lets not forget taking care of a 6 week old too! We had a very nice Easter Sunday. A lot of our family had plans for dinner that day so it was a small group of us. Matt's parents, my parents, my sister and her boyfriend Brian, then the five of us. It was a delicious meal. After we ate and our food settled we went outside to hang out. It was a pretty nice day. Dani and Brian stuck around and went exploring in the woods with the kids then played "Around the World" with the kids. At some point Matt got out the kids scooters. I think he just wanted to start them up because they had been sitting all winter. Shelby got on one and took off. Matt got on the other one and went after her. They went down the lane and turned around to come back and Matt started racing Shelby. It was not long after that things went south. Shelby lost control of her scooter trying to go fast and beat her Dad. She wiped out good. She has road rash all the way down her right arm and some on her legs. Lets just say that even today she is really sore and really glad that it is spring break. Poor thing! After that we watched a movie and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Mommy and Jadon dying Easter Eggs!

Shelby and Jake showing off their Easter Eggs.

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