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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jadon meets the Weaver's.

The Weaver Crew

Last Thursday we took off after work for Michigan. I was a little nervous about the long trip and Jadon, but that was offset by the excitement of bringing my sister a surprise. Brian, Dani's boyfriend, was not able to get the whole week off of work to go up on vacation with her and she was very sad. She kept saying she wished he could come. Well, Brian and I plotted and planned the whole rest of the week. Brian got Friday off and was able to ride up with us. We did not tell Dani. The only person I told was my Dad because I needed to make sure that I could leave Jacob up there with them so Dani could ride home with us.
The trip went very smooth. We stopped once in Dwight so we could get something to eat and feed Jadon his supper. Within a half an hour we were back on the road and Jadon fell asleep. He slept pretty much the entire rest of the trip. We arrived at my aunt's cottage around 4 a.m.. Jadon was asleep in his car seat so we just carried him in the house and left him in it, got ready for bed, and I said a prayer that he would sleep for just a little while. He ended up sleeping until 8 a.m.! I was so excited to get four hours of sleep! We got up and got ready for the brunch/baby shower that was planned for my cousin Melissa who is expecting her first baby in October. We arrived at the campground to deliver our surprise. It was very funny. My sister was busy talking to someone and Brian was able to walk right up beside her before she even noticed. My brother had to actually say "Dani, look beside you!" then she had to take a double take. She was very happy and I was thrilled that we pulled it off.

A very suprised Dani hugging Brian.

Jadon got to meet two great grandma's, one aunt, two great aunts, two great uncles, and some second cousins for the first time on this trip to Michigan. He was having a great time entertaining everyone. He was really good on the boat for us, but did not think much of the water. The water was way too cold for Jadon's liking. Uncle Nate put his feet in and he shivered and it took his breath away.

Jadon sleeping on the boat.

Jadon on the boat.

All of us with Grandma Maxine.

We came home on Sunday during the day. Dani and Brain rode home with us. Jacob and Shelby both stayed in Michigan with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Brad until Tuesday. It was a short trip for us, but we had a good time.

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