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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Shelby went to her first homecoming dance on Saturday. I still can't believe she is so grown up! We went shopping for a dress last week. We found a really cute dress and then went over to Grandma Jan's to see if we could borrow a pair of shoes. Shelby is lucky. She wears the same size shoes as Mom, Dani and me. Lots of choices! While we were there my mom convinced Shelby to try on one of my old prom dresses she had kept. She thought it would be cute on her. She was right! It fit her perfectly! Shelby thought it was really cool also. By the time we got home Shelby had decided to wear my dress instead of the one we just bought. Fine with me! I can take the other one back! Just for fun I got out my prom picture from 1993. What a hoot!

Shelby did not have a date for homecoming so she went with a group of friends. It was a little chilly and I felt bad for all the girls in their sleeveless dresses. I am sure once they got on the dance floor they were fine. The group she went with met at Applebees for dinner and then went to the dance. I told Shelby to request a song for me and call me when they played it. She was too chicken to request it but they ended up playing it anyway. I got a phone call but unfortunately could not hear the song. To much other noise. Oh well....

Theresa, Shelby and Kaylee at the dance.

Theresa and Shelby

L to R: Jacob P., Theresa, Shelby, and Jacob L.

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