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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Carving Time.

Jadon in the middle of all the pumpkins. Most are bigger than him!

Last night we finally carved the gourd and pumpkins that we picked out at Ackerman Farms on Sunday. Jadon was very interested in what we are doing. I let him roll his pumpkin around on the floor for a little while. His pumpkin was as big as him I think! Shelby and Jake help Jadon pick his out at the pumpkin patch. Matt decided he wanted to carve a gourd this year. He found a rather odd shaped and bumpy gourd. He carved it to look like a wild boar. Shelby did a cyclops for the second year in a row. Jake, Jadon, and I all did silly faces.

Matt tried to get Jadon to help clean out his pumpkin. Jadon was not so sure about the gunk coming out of the pumpkin at first. Then he got brave and started picking it up and mooshing it in his fingers. Inevitably it went straight to his mouth. He made a funny face and was probably thinking that this stuff tasted nothing like the pumpkin mom had been feeding him for lunch the last few days. I bought a cooking pumpkin while we were at the pumpkin patch on Sunday. Matt cooked it and pureed it. Jadon has been enjoying it for the last few days.

All pumpkin's looked great glowing on the porch in the dark. After we were done carving our pumpkins we watched The Legend of Sleepy Hollow while we ate baked pumpkins seeds. It was an evening full of fun family time.

Jadon playing with his pumpkin prior to carving.

Shelby and Jacob concentrating hard on their pumpkins.

Daddy trying to get Jadon to help get the guts out.

Jadon trying to decide what he thinks of this stuff.

Matt's gourd lit up.

All five pumpkins glowing!

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