"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Day in the Life of Jadon

Most people think that the first few months of your child's life are the most difficult. The constant feedings, lots of poopy diapers, and very little sleep. I was right there in agreement...until a few weeks ago. That was when my curious, smiley, determined little son discovered how to move about his world. I realize that I was an accomplice to all that has taken place in the past few weeks. I wanted nothing more than to see my challenged son navigate in his world. I was his loudest cheerleader. However, I am exhausted in a whole new way now.

I think I have been continuously "Jadon proofing" the house for three weeks now. Just when I think I have everything he can't have put up or inaccessible in some way he finds something else he wants to explore.

Jadon's top ten things to try and get to:
1. Dog Water
2. Dog food
3. Anything on the table by Daddy's recliner (his newspaper, his glass of water)
4. The cabinet with all the goodies (i.e. the snack cabinet).
5. The cabinet with all the plastic cups and plates. Though now that I know Mommy does not mind me unloading the cabinet it has lost some of it allure.
6. The toilet.
7. The dirt in the planter.
8. The potato basket.
9. The Christmas tree.
10. Anything under the Christmas tree.

Phew! I am tired just making this list. I feel like we make a circuit from one of these things to the next. Fortunately, I can close the bathroom door and shut the gate to the backroom so he can't get into the dog water and food. The thing that amazes me the most is how fast he is. He moves with lightning speed. One minute he is playing innocently with a toy and the next minute he is happily splashing in the dogs water. He seems to know he is not supposed to be doing certain things. He is always very quiet when he is getting into mischief.

Jadon getting into the snack cabinet.

Jadon is very busy searching for something yummy!

To try in redirect Jadon to things he can play with I have introduced him to the pots and pans cabinet, the dish towel drawer, and the cabinet that hold the baking sheets. I want him to be able to explore his world with out constantly telling him "no".

Jadon likes to pretend he is stirring something.

Bang! Bang! This is fun Mom!

Today, Jadon got into the snack cabinet. Not a first for him. He has played in the snack cabinet for a few months. Up until now the crinkle sound of the bags has entertained him. However, in the last few weeks he has been introduced to some of the items in the snack cabinet. He loves saltine crackers, Cherrios, and vanilla wafers. Today he spotted the box that held the vanilla wafers. He pulled it out, opened the box, pulled out the bag that held the cookies. He looked at me to see if I would stop him. Deciding that it was safe to proceed he stuck his hand in the bag and retrieved a "cookie". Yum, sweet victory! Here is some video of this event. As you can see for yourself he is ignoring me and savoring his cookie.

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