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Friday, December 4, 2009

A New Tradition

Last year when we put up our 14 year old artificial tree we decided it would be the last year for that tree. It was starting to show its age. So this year we thought we would try something we had never done before. Get a real tree!! I was so excited. I had always had real trees at my house growing up and remember how good they smelled. Instead of just going to the store a picking one that was already cut (boring) we decided to see if we could find a tree farm. It turns out that there are several in our area. We choose Talbott's which is in Green Valley. A short 25 miles drive from our house. On Saturday morning we got up nice and early to head to Talbott's. When we arrived we found a saw to cut down our tree then we all hopped on the tractor pulled hay rack to ride out to where the trees were. We scoped out a few prospects on the ride and when the tractor stopped we hopped off to begin our search. It is not easy getting four people (Jadon has so say yet) to agree on the perfect tree. Fortunately two of us have full veto power over the other two. I love being a parent! After finding at least four trees that one person or another declared to be our perfect tree we found one that most of us agreed on. Shelby was still stuck on the tree prior to this one. Jake had the saw down and ready to cut before we could even say go. I got the feeling he was growing tired of the debate. Jake tried to saw through the tree trunk himself but in the end needed a little help from Dad. Now that the perfect Nafziger Christmas tree was cut it was time to hitch a ride back to the building on the next tractor. When we arrived back at the building they took our tree a put it in a shaker to all the loose needles off, then they sent it through a baler to tie up the branches for the trip home.

When we got home we sat up the tree stand and brought in our tree. We soon realized that we had forgotten an important part of choosing a tree. Check to make sure the trunk is straight! Oops. Our trees trunk is a little crooked but we got it somewhat straight. Hey, it is our first time. Next year we will remember to check the trunk!

Sunday we put the lights on our tree and the kids did the ornaments. Now we just have to remember to water it!

The first tree we came to. A little short.

Matt and Jadon are measuring the width of a tree.

Shelby is pretty sure this is the one.

We point out to Shelby that is has a big dead spot in the back.

This is "The One"

Matt and Jake cut down our Christmas tree.

Our tree is home!

I will post pictures soon of it decorated.

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