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Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 6

Day 6

Wow, have we have stayed busy! Because our tractor was on the moving
assembly line on Friday and production numbers were behind, they
decided to run the line on second shift. That forced our tractor to
need support until midnight. Support from from us, until midnight.
We ended up working 17 hours on Friday and then getting about 4 hours
sleep and heading back in for 12 more hours on Saturday. Luckily, we
had Sunday off though.

On Sunday, after sleeping 12 hours, we took two taxis to the mall
(there are 6 of us here). When we got there, the taxi I was in
dropped us off at the back entrance, and there we waited for the
second taxi for about 15 minutes. Just when we were starting to think
that they ended up at a different mall, they came walking out or the
mall. The second taxi had dropped them off at the front entrance.
That was one of those times that it would be nice to have a couple
working cell phones in the group.

After lunch at the mall and some shopping\people watching, we walked
the 1.5 miles back to the hotel, taking advantage of this nice 85
degree weather. Back at the hotel, we borrowed a monitor cable from
the free access computer in the lobby and hot wired the big screen
lobby TV to a laptop so we could stream NFL games. We watched games
from 4 to 10:30 pm with all kinds of strange looks from the locals.
We also ordered pizza's from a local place, and enjoyed a few beers
from the hotel bar. We only really had two complaints; One, it would
be nice if the hotel lobby was air conditioned, and Two, when we leave
the doors open to the pool area lots of little bugs and lizards come
in. Not a bad way to spend our day off.

Today (Monday), was a much more normal pace. We worked from 7:15 to 5
and enjoyed dinner from the hotel restaurant outside by the pool.
After dinner, Derek got out his guitar to practice a little so we
played some "name that tune". Tomorrow evening, we are going to the
Cat Club so that we can listen to music by Derek and the two local Cat
employees that we met on the last trip. Derek has been working with
them over email to set up a song list so that each of them could
practice ahead of the big show. It should be fun. We plan on
ordering Pizza, having a few drinks, and some international fun.

From Matt


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