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Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Snowy Day

Hi Everyone! Sorry it has been so long! Today we got our first snowfall of the year! Oh how I loved waking up to that beautiful scene. I absolutely love when it snows in my woods. I could just sit and look at the beauty of it all day long!

We normally would got out and play in the snow but this is the second weekend of our hunting season. A drawback to living in the woods and having your property back up to 1500 acres of state wildlife refuge is that you don't play outside when it is hunting season. Of course of first snowfall had to come this weekend! And it was so perfect for playing in. I did allow Jadon to walk around close to the house for a little while when we came home from dropping off Shelby at Teresa's house. He really was fascinated with the snow. It is going to be a fun winter!

 Can you see that smile?  He was LOVING it!  Just like his Mama!
 We have snow pants.....they were not on because we did not plan to stay out long.

I mentioned that Shelby went over to her friend, Teresa's house today.  She went over there so Teresa's mom could take some pictures of the girls.  She is up to something for Christmas I have a feeling.  Don't know what though.   The pictures turned out great.  Here are some of them:

 I may be partial, but isn't she just beautiful! 

Finally, I found out today that I won something!  I almost NEVER win anything!  Today was my lucky day though.  I got an email from the owner of the blog, Thanks, Mail Carrier, saying that I won the contest I entered for a Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart and my choice of TWO Melissa and Doug Food Sets.  Woohoo!!  I am so excited!  I love the shopping cart because it actually looks like the real shopping carts do!  And one of the food sets I picked out was a set where you can slice the food.   Perfect for therapy!  I can't wait until they come!  

 Here is a pic of the cart.  I did end of choosing the slicing fruit set in the upper left corner.  The other set I chose is not pictured.  It was a hard decision.  I love all these food sets! 


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Brenda said...

Shelby is absolutely stunning. I love the pictures. She is beautiful. Love Jadon's snow smile!