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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Good Week

We had a pretty good week at our house. It was filled with evening activities but they were all fun end of summer activities. This was the last full week of my kids summer vacation. They start back to school next Wednesday.

On Monday evening a cold front brought some much needed (but not enough)rain. After the heat we have been dealing with the cooler temps and the rain were very welcome. As the storm was rolling in my kids moved outside to the porch to watch it come in. We all love a good thunderstorm. Well....except maybe Dakota our Red Heeler. He hates them.

When it started to rain the kids decided to run out and cool off. It was so fun to watch them play in the rain!

We had amazing weather the rest of the week after the rain. Tuesdays high for the day was in the 70's!! The kids spent ALL morning running and playing outside. They were loving it.

Jadon finally got brave enough to go down the big yellow slide all by himself on Tuesday! I was so proud of him. Of course I was close by snapping these pics. Not sure if he would do it without me close yet but at least I did not have to hold his hand!

"Here I come Mom"!!
"I can do it"
I did it!!
He was so proud!

On Tuesday evening I had an appointment to get my hair cut then we went into Stanford to the pool for the annual 4H pool party. It was almost too cool to swim! How often to we get to say that in August!!??

 This was one of just two evenings we were actually home.  We grilled pork chops for dinner.  I made some zucchini cakes.  I saw the recipe HERE and thought they sounded delicious and they were.  Grandma Cindy came over for dinner so she got to enjoy the very first "watermeme" from the garden with us.  Jadon was very excited!

Another great weather day!  The temps remained cool with the high in the low 80's!  When Daddy got home we all loaded into the truck and went in to town  to our local zoo for member's only night.  They had a couple unusual animals that we could touch.  My favorite was the Armadillo.  My least favorite was the python.  I touched it but eeewwwwww......

We also go to see some of the areas of the zoo we don't normally get to see.  The kitchen where they prepare the animals meals was open.  A zookeeper was in the kitchen to answer questions and show us some of the diets.  We got to see what the tiger was going to eat for breakfast the next morning, and the Gibbon's dinner.  It was pretty cool.

Jadon trying to decide if he wants to touch the Armadillo.  I touched it but he would not.
Hanging out while Jadon rides the carousel with Daddy.
Daddy and Jadon picked out the polka dot giraffe.

The python....eeeewwwww.
After the zoo it was time for our picnic dinner that I packed.  I made THESE sandwiches.  I have made them before and they were a hit.  I think they mostly just like the bread.  We had the sandwiches, applesauce, some of our dill pickles, and Cheez-It's for our meal.  Then it was off to play at the playground.

The kids finally got Jadon to play in the splash park!  We had tried one other time but he would not.  So glad to see him enjoying it this time.

Then we hit the swings right before leaving.  Love this picture!

Was....yes....ANOTHER nice weather day!  Jacob went out early in the morning to squirrel hunt.  This is his first hunting season.  He took his hunter's safety course over the winter so he could get his permits.  Friday was his third day out trying to get a squirrel and he got one!  He was so proud!  

Unfortunately that means we get to try squirrel for the first time........Yay (insert sarcasm here).   He has to get a few more before we will have a meal.  I am supporting this because I love that he is outside doing something he enjoys that does not involve video games.  Just never thought I would ever be eating squirrel.

Never say never.


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Looks like you all had a super fun week and the rain looked like some needed relief. I found your blog from the MBC. Hope you can come by and check out my blog.