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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gardener In Training

We have a little gardener in training at our house this year.  Jadon LOVES to go out to the garden.  He is very excited to pick and eat the "watermeme"!  Tonight I told Jadon that I needed to go water the garden (we need some rain).  He scurried up the stairs leaving me to wonder what he was up to.  When he came back down he was wearing his rubber boots.  He has been waiting for the perfect time to wear these boots.  He keeps trying to put them on when we are leaving to go into town and run errands.  We keep having to explain that he can't wear them.  So finally I don't have to tell him no!  He looks so cute in them.

So off we marched to the garden.  Jadon ahead of me saying "Mon Mom, Mon"....translation...."Come on Mom, come on!".   I started watering the garden pausing every few minutes to fill the three cans that we keep out there to water the plants that the hose can't reach.  Jadon was dunking his little watering can inside of these cans to fill it up.  He was then searching for things to water.  Jadon believes that you need to water the actual vegetable not the leaves.  Of course he had to water his precious watermeme's first!

Shelby took over watering so I could snap some pics.  I love how this picture turned out. 
Watering another watermelon.
Marching back to fill up his watering can.

So serious!  Look at Righty go!
Righty carrying the watering can.  Just loving the boots!
He found a tiny squash that needed some water.
That tiny squash must have looked very thirsty.  It got several good drinks!

Jadon was such a good helper!  After I was done watering I gave Jadon the hose to play around with while I did some weeding.  I was pulling some grass out that was trying to hide in the tomato plants and the next thing I know I am getting wet!  That little stinker turned the hose on me!  He thought it was pretty funny so I continued to get sprayed periodically while weeding.  He did finally lose interest and came over to help me find more "pickles".  He LOVES Daddy's dill pickles!  We found about six.  Jadon put them all in a can and carried them in the house for me.

As we were walking in the house I noticed that he was soaking wet from head to toe.  His boots were covered in mud and grass.  We had to make sure he took his boots off on the porch and his clothes came off not long after we got in the house.  He was messy but it was a nice way to spend an evening. 


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