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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Smoky Mountain Vacation-Post 1

We are fresh home from our trip to the Pigeon Forge area of the Smoky Mountains. It was an interesting trip. Not quite the relaxing getaway I was looking for....

We had an unfortunate incident happen while we were off hiking to a waterfall the afternoon of our first full day there. When we returned to our vehicle after hiking we found one of the back windows of our truck smashed and my purse gone. Why one human being would do this to another human being is beyond my comprehension. I will never understand why someone feels that this is something they want to do. I just wonder how a person like that sleeps at night? Do they think about the people they have robbed and stole from while these hard working people are on a vacation that they have looked forward too? I just don't understand....never will....and I am not going to give this horrible experience anymore time here on this blog. We managed to move past this and still enjoy our vacation. I may not have been able to control this situation but I can control how I respond to it and these people were not going to ruin my kids summer trip. Here are the happy memories from our trip.

For dinner the night we arrived we ate at an awesome bbq place called Bennett's Pit Barbecue.  It was delicious!

The rest of these pics are from our first day exploring the Smoky Mountain National Park.  We drove up to an area called Clingman's Dome but it was way to cloudy to see anything so after that we drove to another area of the park to hike a 1.5 mile hike to see some falls called Laurel Falls. 

I have TONS of pics so I will be back with more!!


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