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Friday, July 1, 2011

We Have Carpet!

It feels amazing to finally have the basement ready to move in!  I keep wanted to pinch myself but it is there!  The carpet is in and Jake is all moved in his new room.

So pretty....
I can't stop staring at it!  Sometimes I just go downstairs and look around for awhile.  I am just so happy!! 

Jake's room and his closest.  Doors are off because the carpet guys needed them off. 

The "Chillaxx" room.
More Chillaxx room.
Looking at the door to the unfinished half of the basement.  Stairway on right.
Jake and Matt putting his bed together.

Jadon jumping all over his mattress while they put the frame together.  He is never one to miss an opportunity to have fun!

The bed is together!

I took those pics the first night.  We have slowly moved the rest of Jake's things down to his new room over the last few days.  We had to work around baseball games and we also made a trip into my brother's house to pick up the futon he was storing for us.  It will be in the Chillax room.  Now I just have to wash the layers of dust off of the walls in Jake's old room (Jadon's new room) so I can repaint the walls.  That room is also in desperate need of new carpet but that is going to wait a while.  Once the walls get painted the toddler gets his own room AND a big boy bed.  Could be a long week next week.......


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