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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Ready for the Iditawagon.

We had another fun evening in our house!  We helped Jacob prepare his teams "sled" for the Iditawagon Race they do every year at school.  It is really pretty fun.  Every year one of the teachers has the kids put together teams and they have their own version of the Iditarod race.  One kid is the musher.  The others are dogs.  They have to find room on their "sleds" for some specific items like a dog water bowl, food, etc.....

Jacob's team is using our go-cart minus the engine.  So Matt and Jacob pumped up the tires tonight, attached the required box to hold the gear, and attached the rope that the "dogs" will use to pull.  Then of course we had to test it out!  LOL! 
Matt wore out pretty quick.
So the kids got put to work as the "dogs".....
Matt and Jadon were the mushers.  They wanted to make sure that is was not too heavy to pull and also that it would stear okay.

Lots of laughs and fun was had by all!  Should be a good race on Friday!
Aunt Emily requested that I post one of the rockstar video pics Matt took that I talked about in the last post.  Here it is! 


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