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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday-Late Night Wake Up Calls

Crazy About My Baybah

It has been awhile since I have joined in on Toddler Talk Thursday but this weeks topic caught my eye.  The question was "Does your toddler sleep through the night".  Ha, ha! I had to post about this one.  Sleeping and night time waking has been an issue for Jadon for a long time.  Lately things seem to be going great but we are getting ready to have a disruption to our routine and that always makes Jadon wake in the night.

It is pretty common for Jadon to wake at least once or twice in the night.  Most of the time he just wants to be covered back up and have his crib music toy started and he will go back to sleep.  I don't know what wakes him.  Things always seem to get worse after each surgery also.  A change in routine really seems to throw off his sleep schedule too.

As recent has a few months ago it was even common to have to get up with him and rock for awhile to help him get back to sleep.  He is not hungry or thirsty.  He never asks for anything but some cuddle time.  It is almost like he just needs to know we are still there.  He has been through a lot in his short little life though.  A lot he probably does not understands and just needs that comfort.

I had prepared myself to have many sleepless night after this last surgery but that did not happen.  He has really been sleeping great.  Somehow he has found ways to sleep comfortably with that huge cast on!

Found him like this the other morning.  He had tucked his stuffed frog between his head and his casted arm for a pillow!  I thought that was so smart!

I am hoping that the good sleep habits we have seen recently continue.  Two years with little sleep was starting to wear on this Mommy!  We have not been brave enough to make the switch over to the toddler bed yet.  Jadon takes about 45 minuted to fall asleep at night and I like him contained during that time.  Yes, that is selfish, but by the time we make it to bedtime I don't have much energy left.  Going to have to mentally prepare myself before the switch.  I think the first night will be rough.  I know it is coming soon though!

If you have questions about why Jadon has had to have multiple surgeries in his short little life please visit his blog HERE.

We have really started to have a lot of issues with Jadon saying no, throwing fits, and not sharing. I would love to hear how other parents deal with this issue.



Emily - Family and Life in Las Vegas said...

Kiana - Oh I can only imagine that it gets worse after each surgery! No FUN! I love the pictures of him sleeping though - he is all over the place! LOVE it!
Thanks for your suggestion - I will add it to the list. We did Toddler Discipline not too long ago - but this is a little different!
Family and Life in Las Vegas

Tara @ The Adventures of MommyHaha said...

I checked out your other blog about Jadon's Journey. I'm so sorry you all are dealing with that. My little boy has had many surgeries in his four years - and has more to come. We always dealt with sleep disruptions afterward as well. It's tough on these little guys!

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

Poor little guy. At least he has started to sleep normal again. I love the picture of him spread out on his bead.
Take care, and thanks for linking up with us!