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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Are Fun Days

Today was a pretty good day.  Started off a little rocky.  The lack of sleep I suffered over the weekend while Jadon was sick was making move a little slow this morning.  But as the sun came out and I saw on the weather that the high was supposed to be almost 70 degrees I started to perk up!  Woohoo!  Another outdoor fun day!  Well....We had a little issue with that this morning.  One of my daycare kids forgot his shoes.  Actually he did not his mom did.  She evidently picked him up out of bed and loaded him in the car forgetting to grab his shoes.  Ugh!  That meant no outside time for us!  Thankfully she arrived at lunch with his shoes.  She ran home on her lunch break to get them.  Whew!

Jacob came home from school ready to be outside.  I love that!  While I was getting the other boys ready to go outside he went ahead and took Jadon out to play.  When we got outside this was what they were up to....
As you can see from the look on Jadon's face they were having a blast.  I was a little nervous.  I want Jadon to be a boy and have fun but does it have to be while he is recovery from shoulder surgery and a tendon transfer.  I know those doctors assured me that cast is indestructible but.....leave it to my kid!
I could not say no when I saw how much Jadon was loving it.  I just followed along telling Jake to slow down when he got a little too speedy. 

Socks was found sunning herself on the rolled up truck bed cover.  She is so pretty!
Tonight we burned off our prairie grass so it can grow back nice and thick this year!
Shelby said walking through the paths surrounded by fire she felt like she should be in a music video so her Dad was taking pics of her acting out the thoughts in her head!  LOL!
After we were done burning we decided to walk down our neighbors lane and visit his horse, Lightening.  Lightening just loves the attention as you can see from this pic of him patiently waiting for Jadon to come pet him. 
Jadon loves Lightening just a little too! 

I am really loving the warmer weather.  We love to be outside! 


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We need to see those "music video" pictures!