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Thursday, November 4, 2010

So Many Things.....

Today I can list several things I am thankful for.  Hopefully this will make up for not being able to post yesterday.  Traveling is so hectic!

Last night we stayed at my cousin, Angie's place, in Ohio.  It is always nice to visit with her family.  She always makes these delicious meals for us also!  Last night she made us a yummy chili mac.  So I am definitely thankful for family and good home cooked meals!  Eating fast food all the time just does not sit well with my tummy.

This morning we got an early start (7:30) so we could stop by the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium on our way to Philly.  We figured Jadon deserved some fun after being so good on the first part of the trip.  The bonus is that we get in FREE with our Miller Park Zoo pass!  How cool it that??!!!  So we got an early start but not long after getting on the Ohio Turnpike we realized that we needed fuel.  Matt had Mrs. Garmin search for the closest fuel and the next thing we know we are getting right back off the turnpike.  When we exited the turnpike we had 30 plus miles until empty.  We start to follow the directions Mrs. Garmin is giving us and start to get annoyed because she is taking us further and further away from the turnpike.  We probably drove about 6 miles only to turn on a road in the middle of the country with nothing but farm houses around and here her say  "Arriving at destination".  Oh we were so mad.  By the time we wound around in the country to finally find a gas station that was real we had only ten miles of fuel left and had wasted about 45 minutes.  Talk about frustrating! 

We finally made it to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.  Jadon really loved the shark tunnel.  Some other favorites were the penguins, polar bears, and gorillas.  As usual he growled at everything.  It cracks me up! 
The shark tunnel
 Big sharks!
 The polar bear.
 We only had about an hour to see the zoo and aquarium before we had to hit the road again.  We wanted to make it to the Ronald McDonald House by dinner time so we could enjoy another home cooked meal.  Each night a group of volunteers bring in a home cooked meal for everyone staying at the house.  It is always very good.  So here are two more things I am thankful for.  First that we had a room at the Ronald McDonald House.  Second that there are wonderful people out there who make meals to bring in for families that are traveling! 
Jadon was really good in the car again today.
Our trip across Pennsylvania was very nerve wracking today.  It was raining the whole trip from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.  It had just started to rain when we were leaving the zoo.  Driving through the mountains in the rain is no fun.  Matt was getting pretty tense so it only mad matters worse when Mrs. Garmin decided to screw up once again as we were heading into Philadelphia.  We got off on the exact number/letter exit she told us to and as soon as we exited we heard...."recalculating"....Ugh!  The worst part about this was that is was rush hour and the roads were packed.  She told us to go on a route for 2.5 miles.  The 2.5 miles took us about 20 minutes off stop and go.  Then we get back onto 76 East.  She gives us directions to take an exit and then at the very last minute she changes her directions to stay on 76.  Well, by that point it was too late.  So we were back in bumper to bumper stop and go traffic.  The whole trip from Pittsburgh the Garmin had been telling us we would arrive at 5 pm.  We finally arrived at RMH at 6:30.  We were so glad to have arrived and still in time for dinner!!  So here is the next thing I am thankful for.  I am thankful that we made it to Philadelphia safely.  It was a little tense there at the end of the journey.  Mrs. Garmin is not on Matt's good side right now.  He says one more mistake from her on this trip and he is throwing her out the window.

We checked into RMH and then went to have dinner.  During dinner they announced that two therapy dogs were in the living room area for a visit with the kids.  I was so excited to see them!  I had already seen pictures of them from a friend that had been staying here on night when the therapy dogs came for a visit.  I thought the two dogs were adorable.  Jadon was not interested.  He was pretty annoyed with us for taking him away from the play area.  He had been in the car most of the day.  He was ready to roam! 

The therapy dogs.  One boxer and one mastiff.
He loved this Radio Flyer ride on airplane.
 And he just loved the play door that lead from the grocery store to the kitchen.

Now we are settled into our room for the night.  Jadon has taken a tubby and is all clean.  He has his milk.  We are hoping he is ready to settle down soon.  We will see.  That is the biggest problem with this long trip.  After all that time in the car Jadon is pretty wound up.  Last night we could not get him to sleep until about midnight. 

Our appointment is at 8:45 tomorrow morning.  After that we need to come back to RMH, clean our room, and load up the car (again).  Then we will be heading back home.  Our plan is to find a hotel with a pool tomorrow night so that Jadon can go swimming.  Hopefully at some point tomorrow night I will be able to update you!


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