"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter Weekend

Hi Everyone!  I just realized I have not posted in three day!  Our Easter weekend was pretty busy!  Saturday was a gorgeous weather day and we have not had one of those in awhile so my husband and I were both doing our own spring cleaning projects.  Matt was doing some maintenence on the mower so we could mow before we lost a child in the grass of the backyard.  I was cleaning out garbage can and recycle bins using the hose.  Meanwhile Jadon played happily outside.  The boy loves being outside!

Later in the evening we dyed our Easter eggs.  Jadon was very curious about this.  I am sure he was wondering what we were up to. 

Don't the older kids just look thrilled!
Oh look at that tongue out.  Jadon is thinking hmmm....what are we doing here?

Daddy showed Jadon how the egg changed colors and he thought that was pretty cool!

Now Jadon is all about putting more eggs in the cups!  Check out the Righty action!

Go Righty!  Go Righty!  Again the tongue is out.  He is really concentrating.  This is not easy work for Jadon's right hand.

Oh yeah! Now he is into it!
So Pretty!  Fast work when there are five of us!
On Easter morning the kids awoke to find that the Easter bunny had left them some goodies!  Jadon was really excited to see the giant Cookie Monster pillow.  He just loves his Cookie Monster.  His sister really liked it too.  The Easter bunny must have know Jadon loves trains because he got a new Percy for his wooden railway, a book called "Goodnight Train", and a Chuggington DVD! 

Daddy shows him the Oball in his basket.  There was one of these at Shriner's that they used for therapy and he really liked it.  Because of the way it is made he can hold it with Righty and throw it.  That bunny.....always thinking about toys we can use for therapy!  He, he.
Dakota decided that Cookie was pretty comfy too.  Caught him taking his morning nap on Cookie. 

The hit was the new cars Jadon got.  His current loves are cars and trains.  These new cars from the movie Cars saw a lot of playtime Easter morning and are still a favorite days later.  I just love seeing pictures where Righty is playing too!

After Easter dinner Jadon got his Uncle Mark to read to him.  I forgot to warn Mark that when Jadon sits down to read you will be there for awhile.  Jadon will read every book on the shelf if you let him.  I am so happy that he loves books.  Uncle Mark had to read ALOT of books but he was a good sport about it.  They kept reading, and reading, and reading......
and reading.....
We tried to give Uncle Mark a break by saying that Grandpa Brad REALLY wanted to read but after just half a book Jadon jumped off of Grandpa's lap and went in search of Uncle Mark who was doing his best to hide.  LOL!  Poor Grandpa got snubbed!

It was a great weekend!  I love spending time visiting with family!  As usual it just flew by too!


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