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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tummy Troubles

Jadon had a rough day.  His tummy has been giving him all sorts of problems for almost a week now.  He got sick in the car several times on our way home from Philadelphia last Saturday but we thought he was car sick.  Both of the older kids got car sick on long trips beginning at about Jadon's age through the age of 5 or so.  Jadon seemed fine for the next three days and then yesterday afternoon he got fussy and clingy.  Next thing I knew he was throwing up.  Ugh!  He was also itching his torso all over.  Very strange.  Within an hour he seemed to have recovered.  He played for awhile and when dinner was ready Jadon wanted to eat.  He ate pretty good and was fine all evening.

This morning he woke up and I could tell right away something was up.  He was cranky and just wanted to lay on my lap.  My hunch was right because right as two of the parents I babysit for pulled in the driveway Jadon got sick again.  So....today was just a Mommy and Jadon day.  We went to see Dr. Knight just to make sure Jadon did not have an ear infection, strep throat or something crazy like that.  Dr. Knight said everything looked good.  He said that he probably had the flu over the weekend and then his tummy is having trouble bouncing back from it.  He put Jadon on the B.R.A.T. diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) and I also picked up some flavored pedialyte to get his mind off of milk.  Dr. suggested limited dairy for a few days.  Not an easy task when this toddler LOVES milk.  Fortunately grape flavored Pedialyte seems to be an ok substitute.

As much as I don't like my babies being sick I do kinda enjoy cuddle days.....and yes he is smiling.  Not looking very sick in this pic.  Took the pic trying to capture Righy up high.  I need to work on taking self portraits.  Not very good at it.

This evening after several tippy's of Pedialyte, two bowls of applesauce, a bowl of rice, and some cherrios Jadon perked up.  Right was holding this "man" as Jadon called it. 
Tongue is out....he is working hard.
Another pick of Jadon and I.  Something you don't see very often.  Righty had just been touching my face but when Jadon saw the camera he went to reach for it with Righty.  Can't get enough of all these new movements!

After tubby time, story time, and stretches he went to bed without any fuss.  Fingers crossed he sleeps well tonight and is ready to play with his friends in the morning. 


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