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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

I just keep wandering around the house singing "Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun.  Please shine down on me!".  Sing it with me!  Ugh!  If I have to be cooped up in this house with cranky kids and nervous dogs I am going to loooosssseee   it!  The wonderfully cheerful weather lady promised me sun this morning and I have yet to see it!  Boo!

Last night we have some storms come through our area.  Nothing major but there was a lot of thunder, lightening, and heavy rain.  It lasted several hours.  It is not my kids that don't care for storms it is my dogs.  They turn into nervous ninny's the moment we hear thunder in the distance.  Last night they were really loosing it.  Twice they were both laying down and just jumped up and ran across the room for no reason what so ever.  When I say ran I mean they jumped up like someone had just fired a shot at them and their lives were on the line.  Then when they reached the other side of the room they would stop and look around.  They would then turn to each other as if to say  "Huh, guess it was a false alarm" and lay back down and sleep again.  This happened twice.  I would LOVE to know what in the world was going through their minds!  I keep laughing about it.  I feel a little evil but I found it entertaining.  I am so bad!  

By bed time I had this pathetic looking face to deal with.  

That is the face of a dog begging to be allowed to sleep in the bed for the night.  What a big chicken!  Dream on doggie!

Why do I always have dogs with phobias?  We had a boxer that was scared of the washer.  I do laundry everyday.  That meant that everyday at some point the dog was cowering in a corner in fear of the great and mighty washer.  Jeez. 

Really hoping Mr. Sun peaks his head out before dark so that perhaps there will be blue skies tomorrow!  We are banking up a lot of energy in this house.  It needs to be let loose!


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