"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Teens and A Toddler

It is official.  As of today two teenagers reside in this house.  Jacob's birthday is today!  We celebrated with family yesterday.  I can't believe he is 13!  Where is the time going?  With two teens and a toddler in the house there should probably be some sort of warning on the door.  Something like "Please Proceed with Caution" or "Enter At Own Risk". 

Jacob was a very nice brother and let his little brother help him blow out his candles.

Jadon felt his brother needed help opening gifts also.  My two crazy haired boys!

Jadon is thinking...."So you like getting all this money instead of toys? Huh, I don't get it".

Today was my first day back to work after returning from Jadon's post op week of therapy.  I was ready to get back into our routine.   Jadon is train crazy all of a sudden.  He loves Choo Choo's!  He loves to watch the choo choo's at the Ronald McDonald House go around the track.

So today I got out the wooden train track we have had since the other two kids were little.  I got it out once a few months ago but Jadon was not interested then.  Funny how fast that can change.  Mommy and Jadon played trains this evening.  It was fun!

Choo choo!  Up the hill it goes!

I think the train town we built was pretty cool!

Well....I had better go.  Jadon has pulled up his rocking chair (that is 100 years old, not kidding) and says it is time to watch American Pickers. 

Check out those crazy curls!


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