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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toddler VS. Teen

We seem to have an issue at this house.  The toddler does not take the teenagers very seriously at all.  He looks at them as if to say "Oh please, really?  Why should I listen to you?".  It has been an ongoing issue which I am pretty sure the teens (one in particular) created themselves.

Today we had a perfect example:

The kids are sitting at the table for lunch.  Jadon begins to slam his tippy on the table over and over again.  I am used to this type of thing so I had not even noticed it.  Shelby is sitting right next to him and finds it hard to ignore (understandable) so she says "Jadon stop".

She gets a look of defiance from the toddler then the toddler shouts a very stern "No!" (one of two favorite words).

Shelby tells Jadon that he does not tell her no.

Then I hear Shelby say "Mom, what does this sign Jadon is giving me mean?".

I turn to look and Jadon is giving her the sign for quiet (his version anyway) and is shushing her.  I said "He is telling you to be quiet Shelby".

A reaction of disbelief that he would have the nerve follows but quickly on its tail comes laughter.  She can't help herself.

It is pretty funny.....but that is where the toddler learns not to take the teens too seriously.  He knows her weaknesses.  Immediately after shushing her he starts making silly faces at her.  A game they have recently come up with between the two of them.

Ugh!  We have gotten nowhere in the the battle to get Jadon to listen to his older siblings today!

It is so bad that we were able to reenact the incident just a short while later so that I could show you what Jadon was doing.  I got the camera....

Shelby says "Jadon come here"
Here is Jadon contemplating how he wants to respond.
That face says he is up to no good.

This is Jadon's version of the sign for quiet. 

So this is what we are dealing with.  The teens always tell me that Jadon just won't listen to them but I don't see it changing anytime soon.  Not when the toddler knows he can make them laugh.  Oh boy!

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