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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Birthdays, Bacteria, and Boy Scouts

Hello Everyone!  Never a dull moment here!  Last weekend was a whirlwind weekend for us.  We left at 5 am on Saturday morning to drive to Ithaca, Michigan for my Grandma Maxine's 85th Surprise birthday party.  Yes, that right, a surprise.  Don't worry.  We did not give her a heart attack.  She was surprised though and very delighted.  She thought she was just going out to lunch with all her kids.  She was not expecting her grandkids, great-grandchildren, brothers, sisters, one aunt, friends, and the list goes on.  My Aunt Connie, and my cousin Melissa did a great job decorating.  It was very pretty.  It was wonderful to see everyone.  Here are some pics from the party:

Her cake:

Gorgeous yellow tulips were on every table in a vase with lemons.

The table decor:

Ms. Kaitlyn, my cousin's 8 mo. old daughter.  This was our first time meeting her.  Isn't she adorable!

My Grandma Max and I.

Top Row from Left: My Grandma's sister, Bonnie, and her youngest sister, Vicky.
Bottom row from left: My grandma's brother, Marvin (came all the way from Arkansas), My Grandma, and her brother John.

Brother, Sisters, and their spouses.  Two of my grandmother's siblings have passed, but their spouse were there.  Also in this pic is my Grandma's Aunt Mavis (far right).

The kids: From top left: My Dad, Uncle Doug, Aunt Connie, Grandma, and Uncle Tom.

As you can see we all had a great time until......Well, let me back up.
Shelby came home from camp, and about three days later she started saying that her scalp at the base of her neck was bothering her. At first I thought maybe her shampoo was bothering her so I had her switch shampoo's. Then the rash turned into more blister like things. I did some research and thought that maybe it was some sort of folliculitis. I had her start using neosporin on the area. I was not really concerned about it though.  Did not think it was contagious. Then......we are literally an hour away from Ithaca and she say that she has a blister on her face and it just popped. It drained this nasty yellow guke.  I thought great!  Now it is spreading.  I was a little concerned at that point that we were dealing with something else. So I told her to wash her hand ALOT at the party and to not touch any of the little kids. To try no to touch any of the adults either.  By the time we left the party and went back to my Grandma's she had a HUGE blister on the back of her ear.  I showed it to my mom who said, "Oh, that is not normal".  So after some discussion we decided to turn around and head home instead of staying the night.  We did that for two reasons.  One: we did not want to spread whatever this was anymore than we had.  Two: if she needs medical attention I want it to be at home where I am familiar with things.  So my dear husband  got back in the driver's seat of the truck and drove us another six hours home the same day.  Total of 12 hours driving time.  Blah!  We got home about 12:30 am.  
So the next morning we got up, but before we could take Shelby to Prompt Care we had to get Jake to Boy Scout camp. We had to meet up with the rest of his troop at 10:30. We ended up driving the hour and a half to the camp to help with transporation of stuff.  We have a cover on our truck bed that keeps things pretty dry and it was supposed to rain so they put the things that needed to stay dry in our truck. We dropped Jake, and stuff off at camp. Here is a pic of the group before we left:
I miss my boy. He is such a joy, and we feel a change in our house when he is gone. 

So...back to my story.  We finally got back from our trip to Boy Scout camp at 3:00. We ran in the house restocked the diaper bag and loaded up again to take Shelby to Prompt Care. Luckily they were not busy at all. We got right in. The doctor said that she was almost positive it was Impetigo, a staph bacteria. Yuck! Thank you 4H camp!!  The doctor said that is most likely where she picked it up. Camps are the perfect place for bacteria like that to spread. Shelby's case was a little to progressed for just the topical cream, so she is on TWO different antibiotics. Can I just say that I go nuts when things like this happen. My husband laughed at me when I came up to the cart in Walmart with an armful of antibacterial body wash, hand soap, lysol, and clorox wipes. I went home, and sprayed, and scrubbed, and sprayed, and scrubbed. I don't want Jadon to get it and his surgery have to be postponed!!  
As if that was not enough running I had enough time to get home with the groceries from Walmart, push them and Matt out of the truck, then I had to get Shelby to a meeting a the park in Tremont about detassling.  She could not work for this farmer if she did not attend this meeting.  I took Jadon with me, and we played at the park while she was listening to safety rules, regulations.  I figured he needed to play time after all that time in the truck.  Finally got home a little after 8! A whole weekend of running that I am still recovering from! Next weekend will be busy, busy with the holiday! That is okay! Bring it on!


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