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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where In The World is Matt? Brazil Edition Day 2

 Here is the latest installment of "Where In The World is Matt Nafziger?":  
 The Pool

I sent pictures of the the hotel pool and my room.  No, the walls aren't completely bare as I had indicated earlier.  You'll see that there are a couple pictures of palm trees or something on one wall, but with the floor travelling up it, I wasn't sure it was officially a wall.
Matt's Hotel Room (not very spacious)

We started the tractor build yesterday and it seemed like a slow day.  We had a quality issue with one of the parts and started off in "what can we do to fix it" mode.  We came up with a solution and had a washer machined into a spacer that should work for the first 1000 hours that the machine operates.  After that, we will have an opportunity to repair it correctly. 

The factory was clean and bright and lunch was great.  The visitors badge gets us into the cafeteria and is what lunch gets charged to.  They had a salad bar, fruit, rice, beans, grilled salmon, and a selection 
of desserts.  Everything that I tried was all very good.  The rice and beans are served with every mean here.  Usually white rice, but they had brown available at the cafeteria.
For dinner last night, we walked to the restaurant next door at 7:30 (that's when the open).  The crowd didn't really come in until about an hour later.  The food there was also great.  Chicken Parmesan, served with rice, beans, and french fries.  The portions are huge (like 3 chicken breasts apiece) and cost $109 Brazil $ for four of us.  I'll let you divide by 1.8 to convert to US $ and then divide by 4 to get the individual price.  We each had a beer also.  Oh, and in the process of asking if we could get 4 individual checks, they brought out an after dinner coffee for each of us.  Our Portuguese could use some work.
Oh, and how could I forget the accident that we saw while eating dinner.  A garbage truck sides swiped a small Chevy and kept going up the street collecting trash.  It left quite a mark.


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