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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where In The World is Matt ? Brazil Edition Day 12

We had a great time last night.  My co-worker and friend, Derek, plays in a band (www.realitynox.com).  He brought his guitar along so that he could stay in practice for a show immediately after he returns home.  Marcos, a Brazilian co-worker found two other engineers that can play drums and bass guitar.  He reserved a room at the Cat Club and worked out a deal with the bar for some beer and soda.  Marcos also brought pizza for dinner.  We met there last night and listened to music until 10 pm.   It was wonderful to see the two cultures combine and mix.  What is a classic in the US mostly holds true in Brazil.  They maybe only knew about 20% of the songs that Derek was playing, but they were good enough musicians that they could fake it very well.  Total cost, about $10 per person.  Cheap entertainment, but a very rich experience! 

I also found it interesting that in an informal situation like we had last night, it is acceptable to eat pizza with your hands.  At a restaurant, it would be eaten with a knife and fork.  I have noticed that everyone has a knife and a fork when eating.  They never put the knife down, it seems to be just as important as the fork.  I never see them use the side of the fork to cut food either.  One of the options for lunch yesterday was fried chicken.  Everyone ate it with utensils.  I was glad that I went with the steak again.


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