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Saturday, July 10, 2010

No More Hernia!

Hi Everyone!!  I just realized I have so much to post about!  Much of it will have to wait until another day though.  First I want to give you an update on Jadon.  Jadon had surgery to repair right and left inguinal hernia's yesterday.  Of course as luck would have it the hernia had to cause him problems one more time the night before surgery.  He started acting like he was in pain around 2 in the afternoon.  I checked and his hernia was out.  He was miserable and it stayed out until almost 7 pm.  Here is a picture of him in the middle of his episode.  We were so thankful that this was going to be the last one!  It would all be over in the morning.
The last pain episode!! Amen!!  Poor baby!!

We were told to get there at 8 because surgery was scheduled at 10.  We arrived early just because both Matt and I hate to be late.  We got Jadon signed in and were taken to a pre-op area.  You could definitely tell that this was a children's hospital.  There was a whole shelf unit of toys for Jadon to play with and even some ride on toys.  Jadon LOVED the car.  Once we got him in his little surgery outfit he played and played and played.  He was really in a great mood for not having eaten since 8 pm the night before.  I think it was all the new toys.

 Jadon playing with the car in the pre-op area.
Toot, toot!!  Watch out!!  Here is come!!

When the nurse came in to ask questions and get his history she informed us that the surgery was now on for 10:50.  Ugh!  It was such a long time to wait. 

They came around 10:30 or so to take him back to get him ready for surgery.  That was a very hard thing.  He did not want to be taken from us.  He screamed and cried.  I could hear him all the way to the elevators.  I hated it!  They told us that the surgery would take about an hour or so.  Just a little over an hour later we got the page that he was in recovery.  Only one of us was allowed to come into the recovery area, and we decided that would be me.  When I got back there he was just waking  up.  He was not very happy.  After the recovery nurses decided that he was waking up okay they moved us into a different area which is where we would stay until it was time to come home.  Daddy was able to join us there.  Jadon was very happy to see his Daddy.  No one cuddles him like his Daddy.

The doctor came in to speak with us about the surgery.  He said that the left hernia was a very normal one.  However he did not use the same term for the right one.  The right one is the one that I found.  Matt and I knew it was huge just from the bulge it created whenever it decided to emerge.  The doctor was surprised about how big it was.  I really, really wanted to say "I told you so!!"  but I refrained.  I think that he used about 19 adjectives to describe how ugly the right hernia was.  He said it was red, large, and nasty.  Those were just of few of the words I can remember off the top of my head.  It was so large that he was not able to repair it using the technique they normally use for children.  Normally they just put a few stitches in and they are good.  However, that was not going to be good enough in this situation.  In adults they use a kind of mesh over the area but they can't use the mesh in children because they grow, and would outgrow the mess.  Then the hernia would return.  Not something we want to happen.  So he said that he used an older technique that involved creating a flap with some of the muscle.  He said that he will hopefully never have a problem again!  Woohoo!  That sounds good to us!!

We were able to leave around 2 pm after they checked his vitals a few more times to make sure he was doing good.  We stocked up on Tylenol and Ibuprofen on the way home.  When we got home he was still pretty groggy from the anesthesia.  We were told not to let him sleep alone until he had been up and acting normal for awhile.  Since he had not done anything "normal" Jadon and I slept and cuddled on the couch.  Daddy was busy packing for his trip.

About 6 pm he woke up fussing.  It was time for Tylenol.  Within a half an hour Jadon was up and playing.  He was hungry to he ate.  He then got down and was a maniac!!  He was climbing on furniture and running around like he did not just have surgery earlier in the day.  He finally went to bed around 9 for the night.  Only got up once around 2:30 and I know that was because all his pain meds. had worn off.  I thought maybe he would sleep in since he was up in the night.  NOPE!!  Up bright and early this morning at 6:30!  Ready to rock and roll!!!  We have been keeping Tylenol and Ibuprofen in him and as long as we do that he is acting like nothing happened.

Here is a video of him playing peek-a-boo last night!  Not at all acting like a kid who just had surgery.

His two incision areas were closed up using Dermabond instead of stitches.  He can't swim or get the area wet for the next two weeks.  We have a recheck in two weeks.  Right before we go on vacation!!  Hopefully he will get cleared to play in the water and sand!  Fingers crossed!!


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