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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where In The World is Matt ? Brazil Edition Day 15

We ended up working 12 hours Saturday, but I think we are in good shape and will be able to return home Wednesday, after work. Of course, I won’t be back in the US until Thursday morning. I’m flying back to Traverse City, Michigan where Kiana and the kids are picking me up at the airport. They are there camping up at Higgins Lake right now. I can’t wait!
Three of our group of five left for home this afternoon. I ventured out on my own after they left and walked along the river until I got to the street vendors that I had seen two weeks ago. There is an area of the river that has some small water falls in it and all the rapids associated with them. There were many people gathered around this area, taking pictures, and socializing. I walked up and down the row of street vendors until I found the two that were selling the sugar cane juice. This interested me because they have a mechanical press that they run the cane through several times as the juice drains into a pitcher. I really wanted to taste fresh sugarcane juice. In Portuguese, it is “caldo de cana”. I found that phrase on a sign and from what I could tell, a cup was $2 Real (Brazilian). I had my two dollars ready and told the guy I wanted a “copo”. That means cup, I sure didn’t want the whole pitcher. Then, he started asking me something else… sounded like a question… something or lemon… Yea, I’ll try the lime flavored sugar cane juice. He handed me a cup, poured it full, and took my $2. It was great! It tasted extremely sweet and with just a hint of lime. I wouldn’t be able to drink much more than one cup, but it sure was good.

The vendors also have green coconuts that they cut the top off of and stick a straw into. I didn’t try one of those. Maybe next trip.


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