"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about." Angela Schwindt

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Mommy's Daybook

Outside My Window- There was just a light dusting of snow when we woke this morning.  Saw a few more flakes fall throughout the morning.  It was cloudy most of the day.

I Am Thinking-
About how good Jadon has done potty training this week.  I am so proud of him. 

Also wondering what chick flicks Shelby and I should watch this weekend while the boys are away on a Scout weekend.

I Am Wearing-
Same old same old.  Sweats and a t-shirt.  My job uniform of choice.

From Tot School Today-
We started our first letter lesson.  We read about Abby The Alligator then the boys cut out some alligators and glued them on a letter A.  After that we played the Parking Lot Game that I talked about in yesterday's post.


Parking Lot Game Action


I Am Thankful-
That Jadon is doing so good at potty training and that we will not be spending a ton of money on diapers anymore.  I am also thankful that Jadon has been very cooperative with his evening stretches lately.  Tonight he turned the pages in a book with Lefty will I read and stretched out Righty at the same time. 

From The Kitchen-
I found a whole wheat pancake mix to try.  Made and froze some for the kid's breakfasts for a few days.  We will see what they say about them then I will know if it is a keeper or not.

I Am Creating-
A printable alphabet bingo game to play with the boys.  Could not find one I liked on the internet.

I Am Reading-
Cookbooks.  Looking for new somewhat healthy recipes to try.  I love trying new things!

I Am Hearing-the washer run.  Have been doing a late load of laundry ever since we started potty training so we have enough undies to start fresh tomorrow.

Around The House-
The floors are in desperate need of my steam mop but I really don't feel like doing it.  Not that anyone cares just thought I would share.

One Of My Favorite Things-
Trying new recipes and learning new tricks in the kitchen.  Especially ones that save money and are also healthy.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week-

The boys (Matt and Jake) are going to stay at a camping lodge with the Boy Scouts for the weekend.  I am hoping to get some sewing projects done.  The boys have been playing with the one dinosaur tail I made a lot.  I really need to make a second one.  Not sure if I have enough fabric though.  This may need to wait a week.  I do have some fabric waiting to become number bean bags.  Fingers crossed I get those done this weekend!  Need to work on some cutting files for vinyl projects also.


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