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Saturday, February 4, 2012

We Interupt This Regulary Scheduled Weekend....

For some potty training!

Jadon turns 3 in just a couple of weeks and I decided it is time to just jump in and get the potty training done!  We have told him that he is not wearing diapers at home anymore (except naptime and bedtime).  We started late this morning after returning home from running to pick up a 6 gallon stock pot my husband found in the classifieds (for brewing beer of course).  Got the big boys pants on and set the timer.  Thought I would start with 40 minutes.  7 pairs of underwear later (it is 6 pm now) we have had two successful number two's and one time making it to the potty to pee without getting some in the undies.  Doing pretty well I would say!  No plans for tomorrow so hopefully we continue to see more success.  So tired of buying diapers!

I forgot to share some of my favorite finds from this week yesterday.  Oops!  Here they are!

Fixed Flat Roman Shade Tutorial

Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag-I think Jadon would get a kick out of me making some of these for him.

Lowfat Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread-gonna make this sometime this weekend.

White Balsamic and Basil Chicken Pasta

The next two are just fun! Love The Muppets!
Source: flix.gr via Kiana on Pinterest

Love Beaker!
Source: motifake.com via Kiana on Pinterest

This Peanut Butter and Jelly Game is absolutely adorable! Gotta make this one!

Source: whipup.net via Kiana on Pinterest


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