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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tot School Tuesday

Today was day four of potty training.  I am finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  We had a really successful afternoon.  I think he is finally figuring out the control part of potty training.  He even got up right after I put him down for nap to say he did not want a diaper on.  He wanted his underwear on.  Woohoo!  Like the sound of that!  Tonight he filled up all the squares on his potty chart!  That meant he got to go to the store and pick out a new book! 


 He picked out How Do Dinosaurs Laugh Out Loud!  He was pretty excited about it!

Only had to do one load of undies today and it waited til after bedtime!  That is a lot nicer than the first two days when I felt like I was doing laundry every couple of hours! There was a big debate before we left for our trip into town to get Jadon's book about whether he should wear undies or a diaper.  We decided that since he would very likely fall asleep on the way since he skipped his nap we better put him in a diaper.  I was really excited to discover a dry diaper when we got home from our 45 minute trip! 

I have not tot school action pics from today for you.  Too focused on the potty training and forgot.  Our Alphatales set of alphabet books came today so tomorrow we will be starting our letter A week with Abby Alligator.  Got a great deal on this set on Ebay.  The website 1plus1plus1 has a great set of blog posts and free printables to use with this set so we are going to follow along.  You can find those on her Animal ABC page.

We are still working on counting.  I have a Valentine's Day themed set of counting cards to go in our Education Cubes.  I am sharing them if anyone would like to have a set.  I am also getting ready to introduce a game called The Parking Lot Game to them that I found here.  Hoping they like this one also.

Download HERE

Download HERE

Have a great night!!!


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