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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tot School

Today during tot school we spent some time wrapping up our Letter A activities so we can move on the Letter B which I know Jadon is going to love. It is all about bears!

We helped our alligators find their colors.  This was a worksheet with alligators on it.  Each alligator had a color word on it in that color.  So I would point to an alligator and say  "This alligator wants to be pretty but he does not know what color he is supposed to be.  What color is this word?"  Each of the boys would tell me what color the word was.  I tried to connect that the word was the color but not sure the boys understood.

Then because Jadon does not really care for coloring I did my best alligator impression and said "oh thank you for making me *insert color here*.  You are doing such a great job".  Gotta get Jadon's imagination going.  He likes to draw but he does not care to color in pictures for long periods of time.  We got the job done today though.  Gotta stay creative.  Sorry for the blurry cell phone pics.  Jacob is still stealing the camera everyday.

We also colored in some Letter A flashcards....
 And did some cutting practice which Jadon did not have much patience for today. 
Tonight we went to one of Jadon's favorite stores only because of the shopping carts.  They have little kids sized shopping carts.  They look just like the adult ones and that is what makes them cool.  He loves to push it around.  Here is he waiting for Daddy to add more stuff to the cart.  
Hoping Jadon sleeps well tonight.  He was pretty congested by the time it was night night time.  Really hoping he is not coming down with something and if he does it is gone by this weekend.  This is his big weekend!  He turns 3!!!

I am still coughing like crazy.  Spent most of last night in our recliner so I would not keep my husband up all night.  Hoping to get some rest tonight since it is a early morning workout day.  Fingers crossed!


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