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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Better Day

I will admit after Tuesday I was a little nervous about how Wednesday was going to go.  Jadon definitely has some chest congestion.  I could hear him coughing during the night a little.  I went to bed right after blogging last night because I was feeling pretty worn down. 

It was a good sign when Jadon did not wake up early again.  I had a chance to wake up myself and get my coffee before I heard him waking up.  The other two boys arrived in good moods also.  They played really well on their own this morning unlike Tuesday when they were fighting over toys constantly.

We read a book called "Leaves" and we read "Fall Leaves Fall" again too.  We talked about the colors of the leaves.  I am really trying hard to get them to begin identifying more colors consistently.  After our books were done I got the jar of fake leaves out again.  We sang the song we learned on Tueasday, and learned new song too.

Song 1

To the Tune of  “Are you Sleeping, Brother John” from Suite 101
Leaves are Falling, Leaves are Falling
To the Ground, To the Ground
Autumn Days are coming, Autumn Days are coming
All around, All around

Song 2

To the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus” from Preschool Rainbow
The leaves on the trees come tumbling down,
Tumbling down, tumbling down.
The leaves on the trees come tumbling down,
All over town.

The leaves on the trees are red red red,
Red red red, red red red,
The leaves on the trees are red red red,
All over town.

We threw the leaves up in the air again.  We also picked out which ones were red, yellow, and orange.  Then Kale and I decided to count them.  We also lined them up to make a rectangle, and the boys had fun jumping in and out of the leaves.  They just loves those leaves.

Next up was an art activity.  It was really more of a fine motor activity.  I gave them circle stickers to put on a circle of paper.  They love stickers.  It is a good activity to try to get Jadon to use both hands.  

After our sticker activity we got ready to go outside.  We got our blue buckets and were going on a leaf hunt.  I told them we needed leaves for our next art activity.  The boys love going out in the woods.  However we did not have much luck finding any red, yellow, or orange leaves.  There were a lot of green leaves still.  The ones that were on the ground were yucky and brown.  We may have to come back out again to collect leaves.  The boys had fun collecting acorns though.  They just love those things!

Jadon is leading the way!

 So many nuts they actually sat down on the path to pick them all up.

 The good news for the day was that Jadon did take a nap.  Whew!  

Last night after dinner we went to visit Grandma Thompson.  Jadon really liked her Halloween decorations she had out.  She has a pumpkin in her front window that lights up.  Jadon kept walking over to check it out.  Grandma and Jadon were looking at one of her Halloween pillows that had cats and jack-o-lanterns on it.  When Grandma T. pointed to the cats Jadon started making his cat noise.  She thought that was pretty cute.  He also helped her clean off her little table in front of her couch by handing her all the stuff.  I don't know why he thought he needed to clean it off.  Who knows what goes on in that little brain.  

This cracked me up.  He climbed up there next to Grandma and sat with legs crossed tapping his hands on his legs.  Pretending he is a big person I guess.  

After leaving Grandma's we stopped by to say hi to Aunt Brenda and Uncle Gary.  Shelby and Jacob were excited to play with the Ipad that Brenda had home with her from school.  We also discovered that Jadon really likes fresh pineapple.  Uncle Gary shared some of his pineapple with Jadon.  Jadon kept going back for more.  

 Jadon has his first therapy appointment with Ellen this morning.  Daddy is going to be taking him to this one.  

Until tomorrow....

  "Each Day Comes, Bearing Its Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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