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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Weekend

I am going to keep words to a minimum since I have so many pics.  Above is how we started our Saturday.  Relaxing, playing, and in no real rush.  This is the first Saturday in a long time that we have not had a soccer game to go to.  No more Soccer until next year.

We are really excited!  This round of kinesio taping is still on!!! 

After we did some things around the house on Saturday morning we went over to Grandma Cindy's to rake leaves and mow.  Everyone chipped in.  

Shelby raked all her leaves up and then jumped in.

She had her brother get in with her but he was not a big fan.  He got out as soon as he could. 

I love this pic!  So nice to see Shelby having fun with her family!!

Mommy and Jadon working as a team.  Though I don't think the broom is doing as much as my rake. 

Jadon grew tired of helping and decided to cruise the sidewalk.  Something we don't have at home.

Later in the day we were getting ready to go to some friends house for dinner and Socks came out to say bye.  Jadon just loves her.  Her she is rubbing up against him and he was squealing.  It was so cute!

Shelby had to babysit but the rest of us went over to one of Matt's co-worker's house for dinner.  We have a really good time.  For Jake the highlight of the evening was when we got their slot car track out and played with it. 

Jadon helped Daddy drive for awhile.  
 When he grew bored with that he made himself at home on their couch with their remote to watch some episodes of Mr. Magoo. 

Today we went to church, then just did some things around home.  Today was a pretty quiet day but that is okay.  We need those every once in awhile.

Until tomorrow......

"Each Day Comes, Bearing Its Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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