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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Unexpected Day

Thanks to some mighty and ferocious winds sweeping through our area in the wee hours of morning I ended up with all three of my kids home with me, and a day off myself.  I guess the winds swept off with a few of our power lines because at about 5:40 this morning, 5 minutes before the coffee maker was supposed to start brewing my husband's daily wake up call, we lost power.  Then right after my kids finished getting ready for school in the dark the school's automated message system called our cell phones to inform us that school was canceled because there was no power in the entire area.  Matt said it was weird going through town this morning.  Even the Casey's was dark.  Usually a pretty hopping place at that time of morning.  Within another hour all the parents I babysit for had called to say they were staying home!  Woohoo! 

We kept ourselves occupied all morning playing and having fun.  The power outage did not really affect Jadon much since he does not watch TV.  I think he was wondering why I was not watching my morning news though.  He kept handing me the remotes and trying to push the buttons.  He was looking at the TV.  I think he was a little confused.  By Noon we were all going a little stir crazy though.  The kids and I decided we needed to get out of the house.  We packed up and went to McDonalds for lunch then to Ackerman Farms to pick up our pumpkins.  As usual we are waiting until the last possible minute to carve our pumpkins.  We really need to get better about that.  We tried to get pumpkins at Walmart last night but they were completely out.  So weird.  However....it ended up working out perfectly though.  The kids are I got to go pick out pumpkins at a pumpkin patch and I got what all scrapbookers need.....PICTURES!!!!!  Here is our afternoon in pics.
Wow!  Look at all these pumpkins!
 Um...this one is heavy!
 Sissy will help.
 Jadon loves wagons!  I tried to explain that the wagons were for the pumpkins but he was not buying it.
 He might be making that face because his pants got soaked from the water in the wagon.
 Having fun!
 Is this the one Jadon?
I tried to get a pic of all three kids but Jadon was not cooperating.  That is okay. Nice to see these two getting along.
 Jadon loved the chickens and roosters.
 For some reason he kept growling at the turkeys.  We spent a lot of time here.  He was fascinated with them.
 He thought the goats were pretty cute!
 Shelby fell in love with a pony named Bucky.
 Jacob and Jadon watching the goats.
 But this was hands down Jadon's favorite.  I little wheel barrow full of kitties!!  All curled up together sleeping in this cute wheel barrow in the store.  Jadon just loves kitties!

I love unexpected days off.  It just happens spontaneously before you have time to put anything on the calendar.  It is a completely free day to choose between what perhaps needs to be done and just having fun.  Today we choose to do a little of both.  It was a nice day hanging out with my kids with any other distractions (electronics).  Perhaps we should do that on purpose once in awhile......Hmm.....Electronics free days?  I might be onto something.  Wonder if I could stick with it.  I am just as bad as the kids sometimes! 

Until tomorrow....


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