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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Therapy Thursday

It is Thursday so that means Jadon goes to therapy. He continues to do really well in therapy with his new OT, Ellen. She has such a huge bag of tricks that each week he gets to do something new. Today's session started out a little rough. I let him carry my truck keys in and he got really mad at me when I took them and put them in my purse. He kept bringing my purse back to me and then getting mad when I would not open it. Luckily Daddy showed up to watch and he started behaving. Funny how that works. Today he played with a big tub of beans and some super cute bean bag animals. Jadon and I played with the bean bag animals while she stretched out his arm. She always starts with that. I was hiding the animals behind a toy and in the beans and having them pop out. Jadon was laughing so hard he had a all laughing. Ellen said that Jadon has a really contagious laugh. Since he was having so much fun, he was totally distracted from the stretching so she managed to get some really long (in time) stretches done.

 Ellen also got some weight bearing done while we had the beans and the bean bag animals out.  She taught me how to do side sitting weight bearing with Jadon.  It seems so easy when there are three of us in the room with him.  One working with him and two more distracting or keeping him happy.  We are going to give it a shot. 

The next game they played involved large Easter eggs.  She gave him an egg to open and see what was inside.  Sometimes there were little animals.  Sometimes there were little planes or other vehicles.  He enjoyed this, and used Righty on his own without having to be reminded.  I was pretty proud. 
 Next up was Jadon's first round of electronic stimulation.  Two electrodes are attached to his forearm in an area that she hopes will stimulated wrist extension.  Something we are not seeing a lot of.  Since this was the first round she had to moved the electrodes a few times and change the pulse frequency and strength a couple of times.  Ideally you are supposed to see the area you are working with move in the same frequency as the machine.  However we really did not see much activity.  Ellen is going to work with the upper arm next week.  She did not really say much about the fact that we did not see much happening while he was hooked up to the e-stim.  I am telling myself to be patient and positive.  There is a part of me that panicked today when nothing happened.  He needs that wrist and hand to continue to get stronger!  Please add that to your prayers! 
 As usual Jadon was absolutely wiped out from therapy.  He works so hard and has been so good I just don't have the heart to wake him when we get home even though I know he will not nap at regular time if I let him sleep. Jacob and Shelby were home from school today so I gave him to his brother to snuggle while I made lunch.  Isn't that the most precious thing!?
 Jacob moved to lay down with him and Jadon woke up.  He continued to snuggle with his brother though.  You can tell by the smile on is face that he just loved it.  Jacob decided to pretend to be asleep while I was taking these pics for some reason.
 Jadon tries to pretend to sleep too.  Had to keep his eyes open just a little.

Until tomorrow......

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