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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tot School Fun and Pumpkin Carving

Today we did a new color sorting activity using this sorting tray and jacks.  I got this activity with the Early Learners Kit from Time For Tots.  I really like these kits!  The boys just love sorting activities. 

Then we did some counting and number recognition with candy corn. 
Go Away Big Green Monster is a favorite this week.  We read it twice today.
We also dot art today.  That was a big hit.
Playing and pretending with sticks is the favorite outdoor activity.  They just walk through the woods with sticks.  I am no idea.....
After supper tonight we brought all the pumpkins we picked out yesterday in to the house for carving.  I thought that Jadon would have fun with this.  Well.....this is how it went......

You want me to do what?  Why?
You guys have lost your minds.
Yeah....that is disgusting and I am done.  My pony Grandma found me to finish off my cowboy costume is waiting for me.
Shelby had fun.  This year she picked out a tiny pumpkin to carve. 
Jacob was really getting into it.
Jacob made a double sided pumpkin.  It had to different designs on it.
Here is the final product.  Daddy finished Jadon's for him since he was off riding he new pony.
From L to R:  Jadon's, Matt's, Shelby's cyclopse, Mine, Jacob's side 1.
Had to take two picks to show you Jacob's pumpkins side 2.

Until tomorrow....


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