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Friday, October 29, 2010

I Want This!!

I just had to show you this kids play kitchen!  It is made by one of my new favorite companies, Guidecraft.  They have great, great toys and kids furniture.  I found out the blog Thanks, Mail Carrier was giving away one of these kitchens to one lucky winner and I had to enter.  I just know Jadon would have a blast with this!  I get three extra entries if I blog about the giveaway so....here I am!!  I can't help myself....I really, really would love to win this!

And.....if there are any Aunts or Uncles out there (cough,...Emily) who would like to enter on our behalf we would really LOVE it!!  Just click on the button below and find the Guidecraft All In One Kitchen Giveaway!!  Or you can just cross your fingers that I win it!! 



Xenia said...

This post is hilarious, Kiana! I love that you're recruiting people to come enter to raise your chances... and I don't blame you either. This kitchen (and Guidecraft) are pretty incredible!

(By the way, I just spent a while snooping around Jadon's blog - talk about an amazing little boy!)

Busy Buttons said...

You're very subtle! :)

I entered...and added extra entries, too, via FB, Twitter, etc. If I win, I get invited to the first pretend meal...


Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Hi I found your blog through MBC the kitchen is really cute I hope you win it!On another note... I hope you don't have to deal with too many ticks...yuck