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Monday, October 25, 2010

Naptime? What's That?

Why am I posting the above pic?  I will explain....I have heard stories of this phenomena.  I have witnessed the exhausted, look of desperation it causes on faces.  I have thanked my lucky stars that I have never had one of these.  What am I talking about?  I am talking about the non-napping toddler.  In the picture above my dear sweet toddler was supposed to be fast asleep dreaming of climbing to the top of the couch and jumping off ,or whatever it is that crazy, dare devil toddlers dream about.  He was supposed to be sleeping but he was not.  It started two weeks ago.  One day after Jadon fell asleep on the way home from therapy he would not nap.  Then the following day he did not nap either.  I wrote it off as a fluke because he napped for the next couple of days.  Then last week I started to get concerned when it happened three afternoons.  Today I just threw my hands up.  I don't know what to do but kiss my "free" time goodbye.  I use this term loosely because a lot of the time I am mopping floors or folding laundry.  I just don't know where the child gets his energy. 

I should have been worried when I had to wake him up this morning at 9.  He can't sleep any later than that.  We have tot school to do! 
 However, I thought burning off a little energy outside would counteract the sleeping in.  He is still obsessed with ride on toys.  Here he is putting rocks in the compartment under the seat.
 Loaded up.....time to roll!
 Pushing trucks burns a lot of energy right?
 Here all the boys are zooming past each other.  The other two were worn out.  Not Jadon!
I guess there has been a change for the better.  Mr. I am not going to sleep through the night EVER...is now sleeping through the night.  He drinks his milk, happily goes with Daddy to get his teeth brushed, and goes off to dreamland for the WHOLE night.  Hmmm.......is this work giving up naptime???  I must admit I am a little torn. 
Until tomorrow......


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