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Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Therapy

Today was Jadon's first official therapy session with his new Occupational Therapist, Ellen.  They got right to work on many of the things that we had discussed at the evaluation.   Matt tooks some pictures at therapy.  They are a little blurry because he was moving.  He has the brace he will have to wear when he gets electronic stimulation on his arm.  She wants him to get used to just the brace on his arm before we begin the actual ES.  He has to leave it on and not try to unhook it while it is in use. 

Matt said they played with a lot of cool things.  Each time they would start a new activity Ellen would give him a couple choices and he would have to show her which one he wanted to do using his rt. hand.  Matt said when the activity was over and it was time to clean up she made him alternate picking up toys with both the rt. and lt. hands.  He got a good workout that is for sure!  

Before leaving Ellen applied some Kinesio tape to the shoulder and the wrist to keep those areas in a specific position she was looking for.  It is a special type of tape that is applied using heat.  Ideally it is supposed to stay on for a couple of days.  Yeah....my 5 pm the part on his wrist had been removed.  Dang!  Shoulder is still on as of bedtime!  He can't reach that as well.  Here are some pics of the taping.  Maybe next time we will be able to put a long sleeve shirt on him and he will not notice it as much. 

Until tomorrow......

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