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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Barefoot Boy

Where is the boy these shoes belong to?  He is in the sandbox. He decided he did not need his shoes. This is becoming a very common occurance. Why? Because his Daddy took his shoes and socks of at a ballgame last week and let him run around barefoot. I guess he decided he liked it. Every chance he gets he looses the shoes. 

In the sandbox without shoes

Daddy started something that day. The toddler was feeling might brave today too. He went up the big ladder to the yellow slide. He has tried this a few other times but it has been awhile. That was fine with me.  It makes me so nervous!  

 He thinks he is big stuff.

And all this ended up being the least exciting stuff. I was watching them play in the sandbox and I noticed that Jadon was walking around the sandbox with a shovel and a bucket. Each in opposite hands!! That's right, he was carrying the bucket with his BPI arm/hand and bending down picking up shovels of sand to put in the bucket. Of course by the time I hussled over there and had the camera ready he no longer had the bucket off the ground but you can get the idea.

Making so much progress!
The rest of the day proceeded pretty normal. After nap we all loaded up to go see Jacob play baseball. We never got to see Jacob play baseball and they lost really bad. This coach is not getting on my good side and I am not the only one. Keeping quiet for now on that subject.  

After baseball Jacob had soccer practice. He was excited to go because he knew he would actually be doing something other than sitting on a bench. At 7:30 soccer was over and we all finally got to come home for the night. 
Jadon still has some energy left so we let him play while Shelby and Jacob did their homework at the table. I love watching him play. You just never know what he is going to do. I tried to get a picture of him with a toy bucket on his head. It turned out blurry because he would not stop moving around.  I though I would share it anyway.  He cracks all of us up.

Oh, I almost forgot!!  One more exciting thing happened.  Shelby got 100% on her written driving test that she had to take to get her permit.  Did you know they can miss 11 questions and STILL get their permit!  What the heck!  That does not seem right to me.  She should officially have her permit by the end of the week!  Don't worry...we will have a picture.  I promise!  
Until tomorrow....

"Each Day Comes Bearing It's Own Gift, Untie the Ribbons"


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