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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fun Family Day


Today was a fun day!  We had the Thompson Family Reunion at the Covell Town Hall at 12:30 today.  The food was awesome, and the bagpipes were loud.  Yes, I said bagpipes.  I was excited that there was a bagpipe performance again this year.  Matt missed it the last time because he was in China.  She played "Amazing Grace" on them before we ate.  It was really cool.  
I got some great group pics of all the different family units.  
Terrie (Ernest Thompson Family)
 Aunt Mary and Jadon

The Owen Thompson Family

The Bert Thompson

The Sam Thompson Family

The Ernest Thompson Family

As you can see there were lots of people this year at the family reunion!  It was a lot of fun!!!  

After we left the family reunion we went into Normal to ISU.  Jacob is in 7th grade now and that means he gets to do the dreaded leaf project.  He has to find and identify 20 (5 more extra just in case) leaves.  We heard that all the trees in the quad at ISU were labeled and they were all native to Illinois.  Wow!  Wish we would have know this when Shelby had to do this project.  It would have made life a lot easier.   We too a book to press the leaves in,  notecards to write the name of each plant on, and the camera.  Matt had the idea to take a picture of the leaf next to the label on the tree.  He thought it would help us remember which was which later if they somehow got mixed up.  Now it is time to press them, put them in a binder, and label them!  All before Sept. 13th!!  

I really enjoyed the scenery.  It is such a pretty area!  I envied all the students just sitting around relaxing in the shade!  Looked like a great idea on such a gorgeous day! 

Jacob posing by one of the trees.


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