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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just A Day

Ugh!  I almost broke my blogging streak!   Here I was surfing the web not realizing that I had not blogged about our day. 

Today I was just kinda trying to get through the day.  Praying that we did not have a bad teething day like yesterday.  Plus it was a therapy day so that always messes up the rest of the days routine a little.  Today therapy was at a later time in the morning than usual.  We did not have to be there until 10:30 and it was land therapy today not pool.  Jadon does so much better in the pool.  Todays land therapy session went pretty much the same as they have been going for a couple months now.  He just wants to play with all the toys.  If Carri tries to stretch his arm or do anything he moves away from her or pulls his arm away.  He is so stubborn!  I must say he did better today than he had been.  Carri had a "Cars-The Movie" themed ride on toy there that he really liked.  After therapy he did what he usually does.....fall asleep.  Since it was so late in the morning it totally messed up his naptime schedule.  He was not ready to nap when everyone else was.  He played like  a wild maniac all through naptime.  Ugh! 

Once everyone else was up I finally got him down for a nap.  Whew!  He was getting pretty cranky. 

Tonight was the night I was to go to "taco night" with some friends of mine.  I think you could really just say Mexican night.  They asked me if I had any suggestions and I said that our family really likes the place called Herradura over on Hershey by Neal Tire and Auto.  It is sooooo good!  I think everyone that went tonight agreed.  No one else had ever been there before.  I am stuffed! 

Shelby drove to Brenda and Gary's last night in the car (stick shift) and Matt said he did really good.  She even drove home in the dark.  That is the first time night driving.  She is doing a pretty good job and is getting her driving hours in faster than we anticipated. 

Jake had a baseball game tonight.  He was actually supposed to play tonight according to the coach.  Unfortunately we did not get a full game in because we were down by too many runs and they called the game.  Baseball season is turning out to be a very frustrating experience for all of us.  Quite disappointing. 

Well....hope I did not put you to sleep with our boring day!  What was my gift today??  I would say a darn good plate of mexican food and a strawberry margurita!!  Until tomorrow....

"Each Day Comes Bearing It's Own Gift, Untie The Ribbons"


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